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Infused By Nature’s Liquid Gold

At the core of our beauty products is our own very pure, ethereal ingredient; Honey. One of the greatest gifts that nature could bestow upon us, honey’s extraordinary elixir-like natural properties make it the perfect ingredient for our beauty products.

Jersey Honey products harness the power of honey to ensure that your hair and skin not only look great, but your body itself becomes revitalised. After, you’ll feel the joyous sense of rejuvenation that only comes from both.

Naturally Moisturising

The rich, fragrant lather of Jersey Honey products is naturally hygroscopic, moisturising your hair and skin. To the touch, cuticles are rehydrated and dryness prevented. In your hair, moisture is actively sealed, leaving a glossy and supple look and feel.

The subtle, sweet allure of each of our products leaves a rich, luxurious fragrance that lasts.

Restorative and Detoxifying

Using our products regularly, the natural vigour of your hair and skin will be restored, thanks to honey’s bountiful combination of nutrients. Complementing this, a cascading fusion of minerals, iron, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, amino acids, and vitamins B and C, repair and reinvigorate skin cells that become strained by the stresses of your daily life. A natural enzyme locked inside honey also protects against the effects of everyday pollution.

Honey is rich in antioxidant polyphenols, which destroy potentially harmful free radicals that have been linked to cancer and heart disease, while boosting your immune system. To use Jersey Honey products when you wash is to truly treat yourself - both inside and out.

Jersey’s Purest Liquid Gold

We only use the finest honey from the island of our roots, and for good reason.

The rich, pure island environment is home to some of the world’s leading natural produce, from Jersey Royal potatoes, milk and dairy products from the famed Jersey cows, to renowned oysters from some of Europe’s cleanest waters.

Though less well known due to limited stock, the remarkable quality of Jersey’s honey is similarly unsurpassed. Golden nectar is gathered by the island’s precious bees, across a patchwork of distinctive flora from chestnut and hawthorn in the south, to blackthorn and heather from Jersey’s rugged northern cliffs.

What results is a breathtakingly smooth, full flavoured honey quite unlike that found elsewhere. Jersey honey has been recognised by international authorities and judges as being amongst the world’s best.

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Soap Gift Set

Coffret cadeau savon
(3x savons)


Intensive Hand Cream

Crème intensive
pour les mains


Luxury Hand Wash

Lavage pour
les mains


Hand & Body Lotion

Crème pour les
mains et le corps


Natural Shampoo



Luxury Conditioner

de luxe


Handcare Gift Set

Intensive Hand Cream
& Luxury Hand Wash


Palm Free Citrus Burst Soap

Sans Palm


Palm Free Honey and Oats Soap

Sans Palm


Palm Free Black Pomegranate Soap

Sans Palm