Backing the bearers of nature’s golden gifts

Bee populations globally are trending downwards, and it’s vital this is slowed - and reversed - if we are to keep our planet, and by extension ourselves, happy and healthy. Yet the great news is, simply by purchasing our products, you’re playing your own vital role in ‘backing our bees’.

Habitat under threat

Over 97% of all flower rich grassland, the most fertile environment for bees to thrive, has been lost to crop cultivation in the UK.

With habitats under such strain, we aim to support and restore remaining wilderness through coordination with bee keepers, to promote the wider cultivation of bee friendly environments.

Climate change: Falling pollen collection

As plant flowering patterns adjust to the changing seasonal temperatures, current bee hibernating habits appear increasingly mis-aligned with peak pollination windows. As a result, bees are missing out on the best opportunities for pollen collection.

Halting climate change is possible, but only when we all play our part. We place sustainability at the heart of all we do. Our mantra is not merely to prevent negative environmental impacts in our operations, but to ensure our efforts actually have a positive effect. That’s why we’re a certified Carbon Neutral partner, and why we’re committed to ensuring the benefits of our business are shared, through our own bee conservation efforts.

Pesticides: Disrupting bee behaviours

An unfortunate side effect of a certain group of pesticides (called neonicotinoids, shortened to neonics) has proven to be a disruption to bees natural rhythms and behaviours. Those exposed to the widely used insecticide have been observed struggling to forage for pollen and navigate to high yielding collection sites.

Due to it’s prevalence, neonics present a highly significant existential threat to bees globally. Jersey Honey supports the campaign for a total ban on the use of neonicotinoids. We hope and believe this has moved a massive step nearer following a recent EU study, which confirmed the substance’s extremely negative impact on bees. The alarming conclusions have galvanised those concerned voices already calling for a total ban, raising the very real prospect of this being enshrined in EU law.

Asian Hornet: Jersey’s unwelcome guest

The warm climate and gentle environment of Jersey’s pristine countryside is a natural panacea to our illustrious honey bees. Perhaps that’s the reason they’re increasingly being forced to share their surroundings with Jersey’s invasive, and very unwanted guest: the Asian hornet.

Spreading through Europe since 2004, in recent years they’ve become a more regular sighting in Jersey, despite efforts to prevent them settling. The hornets prey on regular honey bees, and it is estimated that 50% of bees could be wiped out in one year, should their activities be left unchecked. Jersey Honey are part of a concerted effort to stop the hornets from doing so, helping to raise awareness and promote reporting of nests for disposal.

Buying a bottle from our range of Jersey Honey Naturals affords you lavish, restorative embrace from nature, right down to the last drop.

Yet this carnival of beauty is so much more than skin deep.

That’s why from every bottle sold, from every loving, reinvigorating moment you savour in using our products, we do all we can to give back and support our precious, treasured bees.

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