The Evolution of Jersey Honey

We’re so excited to have launched the Jersey Honey Naturals Range, a boutique collection of luxury hair and skin care products which harness the unique natural power of honey.

The origins of our product can be traced back two decades, to the salons of the island of Jersey (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s in the Channel Islands - well worth a visit!) It’s here where we first worked with lab technicians to develop beauty products that delighted our salon’s clients. Using our growing expertise, we moved on to create products for other companies, charities, car clubs, even a Premier League football team!

While the products differed markedly in scope, there was always one constant: the pursuit of absolute quality.

Fast forward to 2012. The health benefits of honey have long been celebrated, and it was during a conversation with my daughter Hannah where a lightbulb suddenly flickered on in my head. We’d been talking about the plight of Jersey’s bees, following yet another downbeat news piece highlighting the decline in their numbers. “We should try and help them”, she suggested. At that moment, I decided the next product we developed should encompass honey, offering a lifeline to these bees under such threat. Jersey Honey was born.

We discovered that Jersey honey was in fact one of the most beloved honeys on the planet, and it became clear that all the pieces were in place to develop a heavenly range of products that were true to our trademark insistence of quality.

Working with expert lab scientists in the UK, we set about creating a test run and a prototype - the first of what would turn out to be so, so many! We worked out some key parameters the product would need to have:

  • Colour: Rich and golden to match our honey
  • Consistency: Luxurious flow matching Jersey honey’s defining smoothness
  • Ingredients: Only the very best natural ingredients with no harmful additives
  • Fragrance: To recreate the smell of Jersey’s meadows, while capturing the succulent taste of Jersey honey within the fragrance

The product specification in place, our lab technicians got to work, developing two samples each month, in a R&D process that lasted 18 months. No doubt about it, developing the perfect luxury range of skin and haircare products that ingeniously capture the essence of a world renowned honey is not a quick process!

Finally, one sunny afternoon, we received the latest sample. We opened the bottle and out drifted the copious, unmistakable fresh fragrance of Jersey’s meadows. The thick, rich lather perfectly evoked the golden liquid honey, and instantly we fell in love with it.

We took our product to Jersey’s own beekeepers, who gave it their own seal of approval. This was where we knew we’d cracked it - there could be few more qualified to rule the roost over our sample than these guys! We then took our product to the general public in Jersey and London. When it was met with a similarly rapturous response, our own little butterflies fluttered away - what a buzz!

Hundreds of samples, bottle prototypes, labels, designs, box schemes, and countless hours of input from a huge number of incredibly creative and talented people. The result is now ‘in the bottle’, and we hope you love it just as much as we do!

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